Our Student Engagement and Wellbeing Framework takes a proactive approach to facilitating connections between students and their school, community, and educational outcomes. It places emphasis on the school as central to our young people’s daily lives—as a place of more than instruction.

From our personal growth programme that focuses on social skills and practical life education, to our annual arts production, contemporary music lessons, district sporting competitions, student council, and our recreational enrichment programme, we help every student to unearth their passion.

Engage (homeroom)

Engage is a house-based homeroom made up of a few students from each year level. The small group meets each morning Tuesday to Friday to reflect on the previous day and prepare for the day ahead. Students remain in the same homeroom and retain the same adult mentor for as long as possible throughout their high school journey.

The goal of Engage is to foster collaboration and communication between students of all ages, leveraging our small-school spirit, mitigating social pressures, better preparing them for future workplaces and social situations, and ultimately developing empathy in our young people.

There are four homerooms from each of our two houses, Bradman Braves and Fraser Fireballs.


Evolve is our personal growth programme that focuses on social skills, practical life education, and the values and expectations of school and the workplace. The 30-minute weekly period starts the week on a Monday morning and includes scheduled year-level meetings, full-school assemblies, multi-age school activities, and age-based care programmes.

Through a range of internally and externally delivered learning experiences, our young people are supported to:

  • Form rich relationships with the people in their lives, including family, friends, teachers, employers and community members;
  • Develop a repertoire of positive, proactive language, and make honest choices for themselves that assess their long-term behavioural impacts;
  • Understand the legal, regulatory and ethical frameworks within which human beings make decisions for themselves and others;
  • Appraise information and sources to be able to make informed life choices;
  • Engage in a diverse range of activities that promote and value success, teamwork, positive attitudes, and respect.

Throughout the year, initiatives of the Evolve programme may extend to full- or half-day activities delivered by external providers such as Queensland Health, Anglicare, RACQ, True Relationships & Reproductive Health, Life Education, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Queensland Ambulance Service, and Queensland Police Service.


We are passionate about engaging our young people in their education by ensuring they have opportunities to build connections with community, to explore and develop new passions, and to make contributions beyond the classroom during their time at school.

Enhance is our enrichment programme, allowing students to select from a range of recreational, sporting, cultural, agricultural, and community partnership activities for one session per week. Options are offered on the basis of student interest, staff skills, and collective passion. Some programmes may be led by our community volunteers.

Some Enhance programmes may run for one semester, while others may involve a full year of commitment. The student selection process includes an information session each semester, detailing the available programmes, while student suggestions for programme offerings are sought regularly through Engage.​​

Last reviewed 25 May 2022
Last updated 25 May 2022