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The Emerald/Capella Cluster of State Schools, in partnership with BMA, commenced a collaborative reading improvement project in 2015. The Resource and Education Alliance for reading Development (R.E.A.D.) Project has been an exciting opportunity for all of the schools to better use time effectively and develop common practices in the teaching of reading.

It has long been known that there are many different approaches to teaching reading, with significant research done around the world to justify many of the popular approaches that schools use. Subsequently the way that reading is taught can often differ substantially from one school to the next. Where the BMA project has been beneficial, is that for the first time we are working together to ensure uniformity of language and approach whilst still maintaining researched best teaching practices. This will have the effect that staff are in a much better position to collaborate and share their knowledge with each other. 

In addition it is envisaged that this will also have tremendous benefits for students, especially as they transition from Primary school to High school, or even if they transfer from one of the schools to another in the cluster.  As a part of this project we have broken reading down to its core parts, and for most of this year, working teams have been tasked with researching and creating training programs and materials for staff. In the first half of 2016 the first phase of this went “live” with all participating schools examining the Comprehension as well as Oral Language, Phonetics and Phonemics Modules at a combined conference held in January 2016 with further modules being rolled out between 2016 and 2017.

 As a part of the conference we invited Jackie French, a bestselling author, Senior Australian of the Year and Australian Children’s Laureate, to speak to staff and separately to the community about the importance of reading to children.



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